What is the Stop Traffic Walk? 

The Dream City Foundation’s Stop Traffic Walk raises funds and awareness for the largest human trafficking rescue and recovery operation in the United States at the Phoenix Dream Center and StreetLightUSA. Families, friends, and co-workers gather together to show support for the victims of human trafficking.  Registration is free, but walkers are encouraged to raise funds to support the mission.  These efforts culminate in an inspirational experience filled with food, music, ceremonies, and walk supporting victims and survivors of trafficking.  Please join us as we shine a light in the darkness.  

When and Where is the Stop Traffic Walk?

Saturday January 29th 2022 from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
The location is still to be determned

What is the Hope for the 99 Club?

99 out of 100 people trafficked will not be rescued.  All Stop Traffic walkers who raise $99 or more will be part of the Hope for the 99 Club and will receive the following benefits on the day of the Walk: 

  • Stop Traffic Walk T-Shirt
  • Wristband for admission to all midway games and rides
  • Illuminated wristband

How can I become a Hope for the 99 Club member by raising $99 or more? 

Raising $99 is easy! Send your online fundraising webpage to 20 or more people and ask each person for a donation.  Even if only half of the people donate $10 or more, you will have raised over $99 and most likely more.  

What is the Heroes of Hope Kids Club? 

Kids age 0-12 who raise $500 or more are in the Heroes of Hope Kids Club!  They will receive a Heroes of Hope superhero cape, walk t-shirt, midway wristband, lighted wristband, and meal wristband. 

What is the Helping Hands of Hope Club? 

The Helping Hands of Hope Club is for individual walkers who raise $1,000 or more.  This is a significant help to the mission. Helping Hands of Hope Club members receive all of the same benefits of the Hope for 99 Club plus an exclusive Helping Hands of Hope sweatshirt and VIP Tent access with meal included. 

How does fundraising make a difference? 

Funding the nation’s largest human trafficking rescue and recovery program with a 92% success rate requires resources.  In order to fuel our mission, we need participants like you to help raise these critical dollars.  Here are just a few examples of how these funds make a difference: 

  • Donation Impact

Does every walker get a lighted wristband? 

Anyone is welcome to walk.  Every walker who raises $99 or more gets a lighted wristband, as well as t-shirt and midway wristband.  Walkers who raise less than $99 are welcome to join us for an inspirational evening including music, food, and camaraderie but do not qualify for the wristband.  

Is there food at the Walk? 

Food is available for purchase throughout the event.  Walkers who raise $1,000 or more and kids age 0-12 who raise $500 or more will receive meals in the VIP area. All participants can purchase food at any of the food vendors. 

Will my team members receive a t-shirt, midway wristband, and lighted wristband at the Walk? 

Any team member who is part of the Hope for the 99 Club and raises $99 or more will receive these benefits.  

Because many of our successful teams plan events to raise funds collectively, STW staff are available to actively assist team captains with a customized fundraising plan that (in addition to team fundraising events) encourages all walkers to strive to raise at least $99 or more through email, direct asks to friends, and using their individual online fundraising webpage. 

How long is the route? 

Actual distance has not been determined, but will be approximately 1 mile. 

How can my company participate? 

Companies participate by organizing teams of employees, including their friends, neighbors and family members to raise money for the walk in the event.  

Sponsorship opportunities are available.  If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Jeff May at jmay@dreamcityfoundation.org. 

How difficult is it to organize a team?

It’s easy! Once you appoint a team captain to act as a liaison between STW and your organization, we will provide all the materials and guidelines to ensure success in building a successful Stop Traffic Walk team.  Interested in becoming a team captain?  Email Jeff May at jmay@dreamcityfoundation.org. 

How many people do we need to form a team? 

We recommend that a team consist of at least 10 people, with individual walkers raising funds.  Encourage your team members to become a Helping Hands of Hope Club member by raising $1,000 or more. You can have a team with fewer than 10 walkers, and most teams have many more.  The more walkers on a team, the more fun it is!

Is team membership limited to employees of the company? 

No.  Team participation is encouraged among employees’ families, friends, and neighbors.  The inspiring setting of the Stop Traffic Walk creates a fun, wholesome event that brings co-workers and their families together outside of the office for the purpose of helping others. 

Does having a team require some kind of corporate donation? 

Corporate donations are encouraged but not required.  The majority of contributions will be generated by your individual team members.  However, corporate matching gifts can enhance employee fund raising efforts. 

Can we have more than one team captain? 

Yes, your team can have multiple team captains.  Your company can create a friendly competition among departments or branch sites by recruiting a team captain from each department or floor.  It is a great way to generate enthusiasm and friendly competition for a worthy cause. 

What can senior management at my company do to facilitate building a Stop Traffic Walk team? 

Management can encourage team participation in a number of ways:

  • Sign up for a team 
  • Draft and distribute a company-wide memo or email endorsing Stop Traffic Walk. 
  • Authorize/host company-wide recruitment, information meetings, and an internal kick-off. 
  • Purchase team T-shirts or other incentives to promote their company’s commitment to Stop Traffic Walk. 
  • Recognize and reward employees who achieve fundraising milestones, such as becoming part of the Helping Hands of Hope Club. 
  • Solicit company vendors for contributions towards the team. 

How are fund raised by a Stop Traffic Walk team? 

Individual team members are responsible for setting goals and raising funds from co-workers, friends, neighbors, and family members.  Each walker automatically receives an online fundraising page upon registration.  You can use the page to solicit donors and have them support you via online donations.  

Teams can also conduct fundraisers such as bake sales, dress down days, lemonade stands, golf tournaments- the sky is the limit!  Be creative and have fun!

How is the money collected? 

Each team member is responsible for collecting funds from supporters and giving them to the team captain, who forwards them to STW.  Funds raised online are automatically credited to the walker. 

When do we have to register? 

The sooner the better! The sooner you get started with your recruitment efforts and fundraising activities, the more success you can have.  Our major recruitment phase begins in May, and we know that some companies like to get these events on the calendar earlier in the year. 

Where are fundraising tips and ideas?

When you register, you will receive your own fundraising page.  This page will be filled with great fundraising tips, ideas, samples, and instructions on how to customize your personal fundraising page.  You can use the page as is or add your own photos and personal message.  Then, email your contacts a link to your site and watch the dollars start coming in! It’s fun and simple to do!

How is the money used?

Proceeds from the Stop Traffic Walk help create resources for individuals who are being rescued and are recovering from human trafficking at the Dream Center and StreetLightUSA.  Our graduates have a 92% success rate after one year. Every dollar makes a difference!

Are pets, strollers, bicycles, and inline skates allowed to participate? 

Emotional support animals are allowed to participate. Strollers and wheelchairs are welcome.  However, for everyone’s safety, bicycles, inline skates, wheelie footwear, skateboards, and scooters are not allowed. 

What happens if it rains?

The Walk is held rain or shine!

Can someone talk to our team about Stop Traffic Walk?

Yes.  STW has volunteers and staff who will be more than happy to meet with you and your team to talk about STW and help your team build a fundraising and recruitment plan.