1 in 5 Arizona families face hunger.  In Arizona 1 in 3 at-risk and homeless youth have been trafficked and the average age that a child is first trafficked is 14 years old. In Arizona, a child is removed from a family every 40 minutes.  90% of these could be prevented if the parents had the support they needed.  In Arizona, the number of opioid-related deaths in the last four years has increased by 74%.  Our governor has declared a state-wide public health emergency.

We get to serve people!

Foster Care

  • Over 350 people served each year
  • Prevention, Reunification and Age-out
  • 100 families in case management
  • 20 beds for children aged 0 to 17
  • 10 beds for parent reunification
  • 9 homes for families and singles

Human Trafficking

  • Over 250 people served each year
  • Trauma Informed Care Model
  • 48 beds for girls 11 to 17 years old
  • 48 beds for women 18 to 30 years old
  • 12 beds for infants of survivors
  • 12 beds for young men 18 to 26

Christian Recovery

  • Over 700 people served each year
  • Addiction Behavior Modification Model
  • 120 program beds for adult men
  • 100 emergency beds for adult
  • 80 program beds for adult women
  • 40 transitional beds for adults
  • Through programs such as Dream Centers, Mom’s Pantry, Thrive, Street Lights, Dream City Network and Dream Conference we are making a difference in thousands of lives. Once broken people are being restored and finding meaning in life.